About us


Ma Joie was created and designed for the female audience, and seeks to keep abreast of the biggest market trends. 
Proudly “made in Portugal”, quality is more than a detail, its a rule in everything we produce.
In addition, we aim to design products with charm, luxury and efficiency, while maintaining the best feature in this world: simplicity.
In the beginning, it focused on the production of clutches, but the desire of our customers to have products for all occasions made it diversify and adapt.
In this way, their shoulder, waist, and coin purses, among others, were created.


Ma Joie assumes itself as a brand that is more than a name, that wants to be more than a material product.
From the beginning, it aimed to be an extension of what our vision is for women, nowadays.
Day-to-day life is demanding, complex and intense, but it never ignores modernity.
And this is how Ma Joie wants to position itself: a brand that accompanies women at all times, always giving an extra touch to the joy of everyday life.
And because it’s birth came from women – all with distinctive traits and personalities – all of its models are named in women’s honor.